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Who are the JWs?

The JWs are Janelle and Jordan, aka. genkiduck and Julien Klein, respectively. As the story goes, Janelle met Jordan, Janelle invited herself snowboarding with Jordan, and it was all downhill from there. Now that we’re married, we share a lot of things, including this blog, our initials of JW,* and the experience of people flicking off their porch lights and whispering urgently, “the JWs are coming!” when we’re in the neighbourhood. Kidding about that last part of course… I hope.

Janelle and Jordan each have their own secondary blogs, Janelle at Breaking Moulds and Jordan at Hodgepodge Cookery. Come say hi!

What the heck are we doing in Japan, anyways?

Incidentally, we ask ourselves this on a regular basis. As a wise man once said, “wherever you find yourself, do not easily leave.”** After getting married and graduating university, we followed an opportunity to teach English in Japan with the JET Programme, and found ourselves here, in Yokkaichi City in Mie Prefecture.

You can't get scenery like this just anywhere...

You can’t get scenery like this just anywhere…

Yokkaichi is a conveniently located port city just south of Nagoya, and not too far from Kyoto or Osaka. It is known for, among other things, its lovely orange and white striped industrial towers, which were the culprits behind a rash of “Yokkaichi Asthma” cases in the 1960s. After returning from an exciting trip to anywhere else, one might see the Yokkaichi towers gleaming in the distance and sigh resignedly, “almost home.” On the plus side, Yokkaichi has more awesome people*** and more Starbucks locations than any other city in Mie Prefecture.

What the heck we are doing in Japan is basically what this blog is about, and every post is a little piece of an answer to that question. It’s the travel adventures and culinary quests, the absurdities of life abroad and the randomness of Japan, the issues and ideas we grapple with, that we want to share with you as we carve out our corner of the interwebs!

Our location in relation to the rest of Japan.

* Disclaimer: “The JWs” of “The JWs do Japan” are not connected in any way to members of a particular religious group that are colloquially referred to as “JWs”. The stories and opinions shared on this website do not relate to or reflect the opinions and beliefs of that group, and no offense is intended by the overlapping of our initials.

**”Abba Anthony,” or “Anthony the Great,” are two of the various names he was known by.

*** This is assuming that the proportion of awesome people per capita remains relatively constant across the entire prefecture. As Yokkaichi City boasts the highest population in Mie, it should therefore follow that it has the highest proportion of awesome people. This is not scientifically proven, of course, but there is anecdotal evidence to support this theory and no strong evidence has yet been put forward to suggest otherwise. 


16 thoughts on “About the JWs

    • Wow, arigats! I’ve never been given a blog award before. I must admit I’m not exactly sure what it is or what to do with it *blush* so I will have to do a little research. Cheers!

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog and introducing me to yours. It looks great and I can’t wait to read more! By the way, if you’re living in Mie I thought you might be interested in: http://yokosonews.com. The guy who runs it, Katz, is also based in Mie. He’s a great guy, and I’m sure you’ll find the show interesting.
    All the best with everything in Japan!

  2. Hi gaijin,
    We are here in Adelaide, South Australia on a 6 week holiday.
    We arrived January 21 & have so far seen Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne & surrounding areas.After this we go to The Red Centre with their flash floods in Alice Springs then Cairns, Townsville & Brisbane with their flooding & cyclones.
    We have been Skyping with Patrice & Jim since we left Mississauga.
    Enjoying your blog on Japan.
    We are now almost in your time zone…just 1 & 1/2 hour aread of Tokyo.
    We have Skyped Bryan & his gang in Tokyo once then John Hutchison in Stittsville Ontario.
    What a great invention we have here.
    Enjoy yourselkves & keep on blogging.
    Hugs, your second cousin Cathy & husband John Mark

  3. We loved your bloggering. You both have a real gift for writing with humour and making the stories come alive.
    I have not had a request to share my hot body for so long I just don’t know what to say! If I send warm thoughts will that help heat your home?
    I think I will pass on trying that bean dish. Say “Sayonara” to that.
    You have had so many “recents” in your lives lately. Congratulations on staying somewhat sane with all of the challenges and changes. Your love for each other will deepen as a result!!!
    We both laughed so much at your various quipes. I particularly like the one about Zelda vs astroviper. Aren’t you grateful now you took him!? Zelda might not understand
    Japanese humour.
    If there are any tremors or typhoons – you know what to do. . . smile and smile and smile, pretend you don’t understand!
    Hugs & laughter always get us through!!! Love Auntie Madelaine & Ralph

    • The thought has often crossed my mind. Some are definitely 18+ though, which is phenomenal given the fact that it may be either one of your students or co-workers wearing it!

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