Comics By Students: Year-End Edition!

Student-made comics about English class are one of my favourite things ever. Once or twice a year, as a bonus “English Challenge” activity, I give my students blank comic strips and let them show me what’s going on (or not) inside their heads. This time around I didn’t get many submissions as they were in the midst of their year-end exams, but nonetheless there were a few gems. Here are my Top Five, enjoy!

Student comic about overeating on new year's

Happy New Yeah!
(“Osyogatsu” means “New Year’s Day”)

comic of person being buried in cherry blossoms

Waking up buried in cherry blossoms might just be my new dream.

random comic about kit kats

…no, YOU interesting person!!!

scaring students in my Death costume

(I had a lot of fun last Halloween with my “Death” costume)

Students giggling when I ask them a question

This one’s my favourite, if only for the great drawing! Also, I think she’s captured perfectly the bewildered expression my students inspire in me so often!

Copyright notice: As these works are the property of my students, all rights are reserved. Please do not copy these images or share them anywhere else. If you do I will don my “Death” costume and come after you.


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