Top 10 Student Comics: Let’s Dating!

One of my favourite things to do with my Japanese students in English class is get them to write comics. Regardless of any educational value (or lack thereof) they always entertain me. Recently I had them write comics to “ask someone out on a date” using the conversation they learned in class, and they are too good not to share. Here are my top 10, in no particular order. You’ll notice that they get progressively stranger as we go. (Please excuse the image quality, I don’t have access to a scanner so I had to take cell phone pictures of them.)

Comic: boy asks girl out, she says yes!

If only it was this easy…

Comic: blushing boy and girl get a date.


Comic: Love confession during a tennis match.

But who won the tennis game? We’ll never know!

Comic: Going to USJ

USJ, or Universal Studios Japan, is the paramount date spot around these parts.

Comic: girls love sweets.

This girl really wasn’t getting the hint that she should pay for her friend…

Comic: cute rabbit-like characters go to the zoo to visit lions.

Rabbit-like creatures (?) would like seeing lions in a cage…

Comic: Getting out of a date because of eating meat... don't ask.

“I have meat” is a way better get-out-of-unwanted-date excuse than shampooing your hair.

Comic: Hunger as a valid excuse to get out of a date...?

Perhaps this kid should try hanging out with the meat kid instead…

Comic: What happens when you wake up and discover you've died...

“Let’s talk slowly in heaven…” Probably not the “date” this girl was expecting.

Comic: Kirby and weird chicken dude plan to eat each other... don't ask.

This one pretty much takes the cake for weirdest date ever. Are they going to eat each other? (O_o)

Killer Kirby with blood spatters. Disturbing.And on that terribly disturbing note… Bye for now!

Copyright notice: As these works are the property of my students, all rights are reserved. Please do not copy these images or share them anywhere else. If you do, Killer Kirby will find you.


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