Off The Fence At Last

This may come as a surprise to you, or it may not, but Jordan and I have decided to sign on for another year in Japan. It has been an exceptionally difficult decision for us to make this year, and we’ve been solidly planted on the fence, wavering between 45-55% on any given day. I swear I was starting to get proverbial slivers from all the shifting back and forth. Whether we’ve made the right decision or not I don’t even really care anymore, I’m just glad to be off that fence.

Think pointy wooden fence. Not a comfortable place to be stuck sitting.

We had a lot of things to consider, and I won’t bore you with all the details, but while we had initially planned to stay for 2-3 years, we’ve decided to “challenge” a fourth. This is on the conditions that (a) it is to be our last year and (b) we will start actively working on our “exit strategies.” As fun as “funemployment” sounds, we’d like to minimize it in our post-Japan lives as much as possible. I mean, we’re already married, we can’t very well go back to living in our parents’ basements, can we? …can we?

So to those back in Canada who were hoping they’d be getting us back this August, sorry but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Or think of it this way, you have another year’s worth of chances to visit! To those in Japan, well, here’s to another year. And I think a few people owe me some cookies and some sake.

To those reading our blog, thanks for your support and we hope to branch out a bit from the usual tales of travel and food, to discussing more thought-provoking Japan-related issues and ideas. Our brains are getting rusty over here so we want to get them going again as we prepare to eventually go back to a world where conversations go deeper than “How are you?” and, if you’re lucky, “It’s cold today, isn’t it?”




10 thoughts on “Off The Fence At Last

  1. I’m sad you guys aren’t coming back sooner, and I also don’t like it that you stay since it makes me jealous. I hope you have a blast!

  2. Yes, its a good plan if you don’t have an exit strategy to continue on and develop a strategy, meanwhile absorbing as much as you can whilst (previous word is Helgas growing influences on me) continuing to improve your Japanese. It must not be so bad that you are willing to stay. Good to have growing friendships nearby to get your social fixes. Now we can continue to discuss a possible visit somewhere (else) tropical…Enjoy the snowtime!

    • I still haven’t been to Okinawa yet! I know you don’t want to go to Japan, but Okinawa’s kinda more like Hawaii anyways, we could meet there! They have taco rice!

  3. Where’s the LIKE button? Not that it’s a ‘yay’ for me that you guys decide to ‘suffer’ a little bit longer, I just really like the reasons underlining the decision. 😀 がんばれ!

    • There should be a like button? It’s not really suffering for me, except in summer (ok that’s six months), but anyways we should “suffer” together more often! 🙂

  4. Good on ya Janelle. Sometimes the grass is greener on the same side of the fence. So enjoy another year in the Land of the Rising Sun. And I’ll enjoy another year reading your postings in the Land of the Falling Rain. 🙂

    • Hahaha. At least you have central heating in the Land of Falling Rain. I’m not gonna lie, “climate tolerance” was one of the things we factored in (and it didn’t rate in Japan’s favor, haha).

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