The lie detector for your love (at TGS 2012)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put your love to the test? And I don’t mean a would-you-still-love-me-if-I-got-maimed test, or a would-you-jump-in-front-of-a-bullet-for-me kind of test, I mean an actual, hook up your brain to a sensor and neurologically verify your innermost feelings test.

Well, since Jordan and I are well into our third year of marriage, we decided it was time to find out if we still had all those happy feelings, or if one or both of us were secretly harbouring feelings of malice and murderous intent (like on those “After the first year of marriage” car commercials). So, on the second day of Tokyo Game Show we headed over to the “Brain Kiss” booth to find out once and for all (for now).

Brain Kiss utilizes an interesting technology where a sensor is attached to your forehead to read your brain waves. Then, with sensors attached, you look into your partner’s eyes for 10 seconds or so until your devices (iPhone or iPad) register the results. The results range from – roughly translated – “I love you!” to “I can’t stand you!” with several steps in between, and both partners don’t necessarily get matching results. You can see how this could be dangerous for married couples to try.

Brain Kiss scale, from left to right: Madly in love! / It’s a crush / Meh / Yeah… not happening / You disgust me! (not a literal translation)

Our friend Danny trying his chances with one of the booth girls…

Danny’s result: “like!” The booth girl didn’t show her screen, but I saw cuz I’m sneaky like that, she got “meh.” Aww…

As Jordan and I put on the sensors and adjusted them, I realized I felt nervous. I expected, if anyone, Jordan would “fail,” but why did I think that? And what if I was the one who registered anything less than “love” while his affection was proven? Which would be worse? Jordan had already tried it once, with one of the booth girls as his partner, and both of them had gotten a result of “so-so” (at least that’s what he told me). What if we had no better luck together than they did? But I had to stop thinking such thoughts and just focus on his eyes, in front of me…



Dun dun dun…

LOVE! We’re still in it!

LOVE LOVE!!! We both got LOVE! I’m not sure which of us was more relieved: me, Jordan, or the booth guy who was assisting us when we told him we’re actually married. He had politely congratulated us at first upon seeing our matching results, but then when we told him we’re married and the gravity of what we had just done registered with him, he seemed personally relieved on a whole different level. Maybe he was imagining what that would feel like with his own wife staring at him expectantly, who knows.

Brain Kiss wasn’t the only thing at TGS that utilized the brain sensor technology, there were a few. One of the other fun ones was “Necomimi,” or “Cat Ears,” which respond to your mood, mimicking how an actual cat’s ears do.

These cat ear headbands have a sensor that attaches to your forehead, reads your brain waves, and causes the ears to respond accordingly.

If you relax, the ears will relax too. This is Jordan’s serious face, before I poked him and his ears went all excited.

I was trying so hard to relax but every time I felt an ear twitch, I’d get excited and they’d go straight up. Happy cat!

The same booth also had cat tails. These girls showed up in miniskirts to do a demonstration and a pack of practically drooling guys showed up to take their pictures…

…and I took pictures of them. I’d like to draw your attention, in particular, to the guy in the top right corner with the giant smile and glowing cheeks. Also, why is that guy kneeling? Are their skirts not short enough that you need a better angle? Oh the creepiness…

So, what do you think? Does Brain Kiss sound like a good date idea? Or a good way to get yourself in a lot of trouble? Would you try it?


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