Recently the JWs enjoyed their second stint as “press sidekicks” at Tokyo Game Show 2012, taking photos for their friend Danny of Ready Up. Enjoy some of their photography adventure highlights in this “TGS 2012” post series!

One of the biggest highlights of TGS was, probably unsurprisingly, playing games. Here are some of the best new games I tried out (in no particular order):

1. Metal Gear Rising

Actually enjoying this was unexpected. I’ve never really been a big fan of this game series, and watching my husband play the games has never really enticed me to try. But I tried the demo for the latest game in the series, and I have to say Rising looks really attractive to me. Taking down several giant robot drones and scores of bad guys in the span of 10 minutes, like a boss, was a definite high point.

They had a Metal Gear demo on the new Playstation 3D headsets, but the lineup was too ridiculous for us so we played it on PS3.

2. Ryu Ga Gotoku 5 (Yakuza 5)

Ryu Ga Gotoku 5, or Yakuza 5 as it’s called in English, also looked pretty badass on the big screen. I’ve never played any of the Yakuza games and I had imagined them as basically a Japanese mafia version of the Grand Theft Auto games, so I had no idea what to expect when we entered the impressive theatre (shown below) to watch the trailer. After watching I didn’t have much more of an idea of what was going on, but we got to play for a bit, and best I could figure you wander around a city of your choice – my nearby ‘hood of Nagoya was one of the options – and generally be a badass while playing a motley assortment of minigames – from being ambushed by sumo wrestlers in a hotel room to taking part in dance competitions – as the larger storyline progresses. Oh, and after TGS they released the trailer and gameplay trailer on Youtube, so if you’re interested you can watch them both (in Japanese).


One more time… TANKS TANKS TANKS! If you were wondering why I chose the title for this blog post, you now have your answer. This game was cool because (a) the developer was dressed in a blue tank suit and he was the friendliest guy we met all weekend (b) we got to try out this game on the new Wii U and (c) it was just pure fun, and you got to shoot a giant boss with your friend’s head attached to it, or alternately, be the giant boss yourself!

Look, look, look! It’s the Wii U!

4. E.X. Troopers

I didn’t understand much of the premise of this game, but you didn’t need to know much beyond the basic controls, to have a substantial amount of fun fighting evil space robots in a futuristic snowy wasteland. We tried the game on 3DS and on PS3; the 3DS was probably more fun mainly because you can do co-op play with your friends.

On the PS3…

Co-op play on the 3DS

My character of choice for this game. I’d probably look like this if I lived in a snowy, futuristic, evil-space-robot-ridden land. Maybe.

5. Fantasy Life 

Fantasy Life is the latest from Level 5, the people who made one of my favourite game series ever, the Professor Layton games. It’s a cute RPG-style game set in a small town, and you design your character then walk around, talk to people, and take on a job (and perhaps a companion). I think there’s something about impending doom in there too, but it’s all in Japanese so I couldn’t really get the details (coincidentally, if the apocalypse actually begins while I’m in Japan, and I learn about it on the Japanese news, I’ll probably say the exact same thing). You can check out the official TGS trailer here. I might have to get a Japanese 3DS after all, just to play this game. Hopefully they’ll release it in English eventually, though I haven’t heard any plans about an English release yet.

Danny and Ryan from Ready Up, trying out Fantasy Life in the Level 5 zone (which was, for the record, much less exciting-looking than most of the other exhibits, hence the lack of pictures).

Walking around the back of Level 5, on our way to try another game called “Mystery Room,” we saw these doors. For a second I thought maybe this was part of the game, choose a room! But no…



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