50,000 footsteps of gamer heaven at TGS 2012

TGS swag! I bought the Chocobo and the Kirby purse, everything else was Free Free Free!

50,000 footsteps* of TGS video game mania later, this is what I have to show for myself: a pile of mostly-free game-related goodies, an unmanageably immense digital stash of photos, a colony of blisters on my right foot that still haven’t fully healed 2.5 weeks later (not sure why only the left escaped unscathed), several hundred Streetpass tags**, and lots of ideas for things to play during the impending winter hibernation season.

For those of you to whom I’m likely speaking Greek, allow me to explain: I spent 3 days at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show, a large conference and exhibition where all the video game giants show off their latest games and tech, and scores of press, games industry people and games fans converge. It’s basically like Disneyland for gamers: just replace the mascots with cute booth girls in various game-related costumes, and replace the happy children with hordes of (primarily) sweaty, adolescent to adult males (ogling said girls on the way to) lining up to play the latest games.

So many logo stickers and lanyards, I was like an (unpaid) walking billboard for these guys!

My ticket in to this Japanese gaming mecca was a press pass, courtesy of Danny of Ready Up, an online UK gaming magazine. All I had to do was take loads of pictures, and let all the various game companies adorn me with their logos in sticker form. The main benefit of being a press sidekick was getting into the first two “Press Days,” which had a significantly lower proportion of the aforementioned sweaty adolescent males than the following “Public Days” did. Other benefits included: special access to interesting events, being allowed to photograph almost everything, and occasionally being able to skip queues.

As a consequence of taking 50,000+ steps, and you don’t even want to know how many photographs, I have loads of adventures to share. So, instead of putting everything into one overwhelmingly huge post, I’m going to have mercy on you all (and on myself) and break this up into several smaller and more digestible posts. Yummy! Get ready!

Whoa! I’m in a video game! How did I get here? This, and other secrets to be revealed soon, stay tuned!

*For the record, 50,000 is not an arbitrary number; I know I took over 50,000 steps because my shiny new Zelda 3DS has a built-in pedometer to record your steps (and give you points), so long as you keep it switched on and carry it with you, which I did. See, video games don’t necessarily encourage a sedentary lifestyle!

**Related to the above point, Streetpass is a function of the 3DS where you can “tag” other people with a 3DS just by walking past them. You can then use the Miis that you’ve tagged to play games and collect puzzle pieces. As you can imagine there were a LOT of people with a 3DS in the area, so I met lots of other Miis and got really far in the puzzles and games!


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