A Little SUP Excursion

In a recent post, I introduced you all to the local Yokkaichi chapter of SUP (Stand-up paddleboarding) enthusiasts. My husband and I were spontaneously invited to SUP it up again the other day at Isozu Beach, and our friend Katsuta took some fun pictures of us out on – and occasionally in – the water.

I got the feel for it pretty quickly this time, as I had just been out a week or so before. It took Jordan a little longer as he hadn’t been since last year, and I think he had a wipe-out or two pretty early on. After my first ride I switched to my friend’s board, which is smaller and lighter than the big, sturdy practice boards I had been using until now. It felt pretty wobbly at first, and I had a couple wipe-outs of my own.

Now you see me…

…now you don’t!

Genkiduck down. Note bewildered facial expression. Aren’t ducks supposed to float on water?

I had a short rest floating there, then climbed up to try again.

Whoa, am I falling again? No!!!

Nope. I’m okay!

After paddling around for awhile we were about done. We went for one last ride, around the point and into the mouth of the Suzuka River, to enjoy the calm waters and Yokkaichi factory scenery *ahem* before we beached for the last time.

Thanks to Ayumu Katsuta for taking the photos for us!



6 thoughts on “A Little SUP Excursion

  1. SUP it up! lol.
    That looks great on the calm water. However, i’ve yet to be convinced of this sport. I’ll probably have to try it out sometime, i’ve got a friend here with a board.
    – Student Doc

    • You should try it! It’s maybe not as exciting is surfing, but it’s kind of relaxing, sort of like sea kayaking! Some of the guys who are good at it though do ride the waves, and pro shots of surfers using paddles in bigger waves too!

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