An award? For me? Oooh shiny!

A few days ago I was bewildered to discover I had received a blog award from one of my favourite bloggers,  TheBlackTwig at A Drifter Off To See The World. I’ve never received a blog award before, and I wasn’t sure what the correct response was: Write a polite thank you note? Give a speech? Pop the champagne? Assemble a flash mob at the nearest mall to sing the hallelujah chorus?

I won something! Cue the Hallelujah chorus!  (photo: flikr – wili_hybrid)

So I did a little research and found that a blog award is basically a way to give props to other bloggers. There are lots of different awards out there that focus on different things. There is no shiny trophy or large cash prize – well if there is I’m still awaiting its arrival in the mail – just feelings of appreciation being passed around, making the interwebs a happier place. Works for me.

The award I received is called the Liebster Blog Award. This award is for “promising bloggers with less than 200 followers.” Liebster means “beloved” in German, hooray! Somebody loves me! *happy dance* I am very happy to receive this award from TheBlackTwig because I have found her blog to be, among other positive things, an inspiration to put more effort into my own.

Apparently the rules for the Liebster Blog Award are to nominate 11 other bloggers, share 11 things about yourself, answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you, and ask 11 questions for each of your 11 nominees. HOWEVER. In following TheBlackTwig’s spirit of laziness (wait didn’t I just say she inspires me to put in more effort?) and her desire to make the award more special by just giving it to a single blog, I will do the same. I do think random facts and random questions are fun, though, so I will stick to that part of the rules.

So, without further adieu, I hereby present the Liebster Blog Award to… drum roll please!… Leah of I’ll Make It Myself! Leah is an expat living in Japan, who I imagine getting really frustrated in a small neighbourhood grocery store when she can’t find the delicious food object of her desire for the umpteenth time, and crying out defiantly, “You won’t break me, Japan! I’ll make it myself!” She writes about all the delicious western things she successfully creates in spite of Japan, like whole wheat pita bread, and makes me very hungry at work. My husband and I have been encouraged by her spirit of “I’ll make it myself” and have managed to defy Japanese food culture in our own way, concocting unheard-of-in-Japan oddities like pierogi, falafel, and most recently vegetarian burritos. Thanks for the inspiration, Leah!

Now, I must first confess 11 facts about myself that you may not know. Here goes:

1. I collect ducks. Yes, ducks. My collection back home is quite extensive, but only a few have waddled their way into my life so far in Japan.

2. I like snow. Okay, maybe this isn’t a big secret. But every winter when all the other proper “adults” around me are complaining about and fearing the snow, I am praying fervently for God to keep it coming.

3. I am lactose intolerant. I was in denial about this for a long time, because I love cheese more than anything, but I can’t deny it any longer. Why me? Why?

4. I am part Filipina on the inside. That may sound weird, but for various reasons too complex to retell here, it’s true, and I always have to suppress the nostalgic urge to pick the cheesiest songs at karaoke.

5. I have an irrational fear of things following me up the stairs in the middle of the night. This comic sums it up perfectly, just replace “front door” with “top of the stairs.”

6. I once did a “gas and dash” by accident, that is, I filled up my car with gas and drove off without paying for it. I was almost home when I remembered, and I drove back to pay in a mad state of panic that the cops would come for me at any minute.

7. I once killed a pig. With a knife. Refer to #4. It was a cultural experience, don’t judge me.

8. I am a tea person, through and through. I don’t mind the odd cup of coffee or caramel macchiato, but I’ll take my Earl Grey over your dark roast any day.

9. I hate playing baseball more than any other sport. Don’t tell my supervisor, he’s the baseball coach at my school.

10. If I ever have kids, I secretly have my fingers crossed for twins. Don’t tell my husband, he’ll have a panic attack. If they’re boys, there is a high probability they’ll be named “Mario” and “Luigi” and color-coded accordingly.

11. I cannot look at the number 11 without adding the phrase “But these go to…” before it. Bonus points to anyone who knows where that quote is from. Without looking it up on the internet (¬_¬)

Well, there you have it. 11 more things than you probably ever needed to know about me. And finally, my challenge to Leah, should she choose to accept it, is to answer these 11 questions. I’ll try to make at least some of them food-related:

1. What is your absolute favourite food of all time?

2. If you could make one ingredient readily available in Japan, that is currently rare to non-existent, what would it be?

3. What is your guilty Japanese pop culture pleasure? For example, do you have a One Piece model ship? A lolita dress in your closet? An AKB48 swimsuit calendar? Etc…

4. What is one place (in Japan or elsewhere) you have never been to but always wanted to go to?

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

6. What is the first Japanese word or phrase you learned?

7. What is the number one cooking appliance or utensil you have bought in Japan, that you are the most grateful for?

8. Cake or pie?

9.What is the number one cooking accomplishment you are most proud of?

10.If I came over for dinner tonight, what would you make me?

11. What were you doing on 11/11/11, aka. Veterans/Remembrance Day, aka. Pocky Day, aka. Light Saber Day?

Eleven is a lot of things to think of, phew. Thank you again TheBlackTwig for my first ever blog award! I will treasure it forever! *Genkiduck curtsies awkwardly, blushes deeply and all but flees the stage.*



8 thoughts on “An award? For me? Oooh shiny!

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  2. Congratulations. This is indeed an honour. I love reading each of your blogs, Genki. Love Patrice

  3. Wow, didn’t know you are part Filipina. 100% one here. 🙂 Thank you for accepting the award and keep up the good work here. I really like your site. Thanks!

    • I’m honored to receive it! (^o^) And yes, it’s true! It’s kind of a personal story, but my Grandpa was a missionary in Baguio for over 20 years, he ran a children’s home there and raised several generations of kids who called him “Dad.” Now those kids are my uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, and their kids are my nieces and nephews. I’ve been there several times now, once for over 10 months, so I’ve gotten to know some of them pretty well. It’s a pretty rad family!

      • This is an interesting story. Your grandpa has a golden heart, I have to say. I bet it runs in the family 🙂 Thank you for sharing this story.

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