“Nihongo Level-Up” article in Mie Life Magazine

Last summer I studied Japanese for a couple of weeks, in an intensive course called SILAC at the Yamasa Institute in Aichi prefecture. I wrote an article about it last autumn, which the folks at Mie Life Magazine decided to publish this spring, as summer comes around again. Yay! If you are in Japan this summer and would like to level up your Nihongo, I highly recommend Yamasa!

If you are a JET, there are some prefectures which will allow you special leave to study Japanese over summer break. It’s at your own expense, but you don’t have to take nenkyuu. Unfortunately my prefecture, Mie, is not among them, and my husband and I used two weeks of holiday time for our studies. Had our Board of Education been more supportive we would have happily paid more to stay and study even longer! Oh well, ざんえん。

Here’s my article in English:

Nihongo Level Up – Mie Life Magazine

And in Japanese (I can’t take credit for the translation, unfortunately I didn’t level up THAT much, heh):

日本語レベルアップ ー 三重ライフマガジン

If you are interested in checking out Yamasa, feel free to barrage me with questions in the comment section below!



4 thoughts on ““Nihongo Level-Up” article in Mie Life Magazine

  1. Congratulations on another publication, Genki-duck! I see they are looking for more volunteers to submit articles…?? Keep up the great work. I love to hear how well the two of you are doing.

    • Thanks! Yeah they’re always looking for volunteers. It’s supposed to be bilingual so the trick is getting writers AND translators, for both languages! Quite the challenge!

    • Thanks! Well if you’re going to get technical about it, there were more than two evolutionary courses of “cavemen,” I’m afraid, but a lecture on tracing the roots of humanoid development wasn’t really the intention of my article. ;p

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