We Renovated!

Welcome to the new and improved (well, mostly just improved) JWs do Japan!

Renovations complete! Party hats, everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, but we have been busy renovating! Our blog, that is. We have been busy traveling, working and playing too, and now that renovations are complete I promise to post about our latest adventures soon!

What’s new:

First, we have a new blog theme, complete with a fancy “slider” on the home page to highlight our favourite posts. If you click on the numbers you can see the various posts we’ve featured there.

Second, we’ve organized our posts into a few different categories, to help you find your way through the things we talk about the most. “Adventures” is all about our travel-related exploits around Japan. “The Japan Life” encompasses daily life kind of adventures, from teaching to Japanese language blunders to less happy moments like natural disasters. “Food” is pretty self-explanatory, it’s all about our adventures in eating and cooking in Japan. “Reflections” is a motley assortment of thoughts on our experiences here, as well as Japan-related issues and ideas we want to discuss. Finally, “Randomness” is just that, a collection of the random things we discover or experience – and Japan certainly has no lack of opportunities here – that we just can’t keep to ourselves!

Third, we’ve updated our “About” page to include a page about both of us “About the JWs,” and individual pages each for Genkiduck and (coming soon) Astroviper. You may notice we’ve “come out of the closet” with our real names, so to speak. We originally thought it might be a good idea to keep our identities anonymous, but we’ve realized that if anyone wants to use our words against us maliciously, screen names won’t stop them, especially with our readers ending their comments with “love, mom” and signing their real names (Hi mom! We love you too!). Plus, our blog title itself makes more sense when you know who “The JWs” actually are! So, now you know!

Anyways, we hope you enjoy the new layout. More adventures coming soon!