Japan in 8-bit: Guess the location challenge!

Yesterday, thanks to Google’s April Fools’ Day joke of transforming Google Maps into an 8-bit world, I was able to explore Japan in 8-bit. In case you missed out on the fun, this is what Japan looks like:

8-bit Japan

Kind of looks like a video game, huh? Actually thanks to my love of video games as a child, particularly games from Japan, this is pretty close to how I used to imagine Japan looked. Okay, maybe not really. But it’s kind of like imagining the olden times in black and white, because that’s the only way you ever see them portrayed, right?

Here’s a somewhat zoomed in map of my place in Japan:

8-bit Kansai! I am here (at the A marker)!

Google maps also had 8-bit street view enabled for certain places. This made for some pretty fun quests in search of a good “photo.” Below are some of the locations I found. Try to guess where they are in the comments! I’ll give you hints. And I’ll post the answers in a couple days… Have fun!


Hint: a place of historical importance.


Hint: things are about to get crowded.

Same location as above, looking the other direction.


Hint: a temple in Kyoto! Okay I know that’s not much of a hint because there’s a million of them! The next photo is kind of a hint too…

One of the features of the above temple.


Hint: a famous castle in Japan. But not the most famous.


This one’s not a streetview, so it will take some abstract thinking. The hint is: knowledge of social issues in Japan includes awareness of this place.

Make your guesses in the comments below! Good luck! がんばって!


6 thoughts on “Japan in 8-bit: Guess the location challenge!

  1. Awww, thanks for sharing this! I’m gutted I missed out on seeing this.
    I just got back from Japan so I think I recognise most of them.
    1.I didn’t get to go to hiroshima but is it the memorial place?
    2.shibuya station crossing
    4. osaka castle… [or matsumoto castle.].?
    5.fukushima/touhoku region?

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