There are plenty of motorcycles in Japan

I left someone I love behind when I moved to Japan. Zelda, my faithful and beloved motorcycle. I abandoned her in a damp, dusty garage when I boarded an airplane with my other love – “astroviper.”

“So who do you love more, [astroviper] or Zelda?” asked a friend at our farewell shindig.

“Well, she’s leaving Zelda behind and moving across the world with [astroviper]…” proposed another.

“There are plenty of motorcycles in Japan,” I cut in. And by these words they swore to remember me.

We left many someones and somethings we love behind when we moved to Japan – so for those of you who hoped for that one magical second that I was referring to you in my opening line, pretend I was. Except you, Donké: you will not be missed.

But of course we wouldn’t leave so much behind without something to look forward to: nothing short of a grand adventure could convince us. So I hereby invite you to follow the JWs as we take on the land of sushi, ninjas and motorcycles, blogging along the way.


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