Winter Break Whirlwind: THE MAP

Since my time at Mars’ Hill, I’ve been a big fan of fun maps and interesting infographics as a way to visualize things. I’ve been wanting to incorporate interactive maps into some of my posts for awhile, and thanks to WordPress’ latest Writing Challenge, I’ve finally figured out how.

My first map corresponds with yesterday’s post, “The Winter Break Whirlwind,” where we take our Canadian visitors on a whirlwind tour of some of our favourite parts of Japan. So if you haven’t seen that yet I recommend you do together with this post.

I’ve pinned the main places that we’ve taken our visitors to so far in blue. The red pins are places we’re planning to take them on our remaining days off work before the end of their trip. The yellow pins are places we’ve helped them plan to go on their own while we’re working (most of which I am extremely jealous about not joining them for, especially Tokyo Disneyland).

Most of the blue pins have short descriptions that I’ve included. You might have to zoom in a bit to see all the pins individually. If you zoom all the way in to some of the places you can actually see them with Google Street View, as most of the famous sites have it enabled, and you can feel like you’re actually there! I hope you have as much fun interacting with this map as I had making it!


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